Xin Zhang


Ph. D. in Biology
Indiana University, Bloomington


Bachelor of Medicine
Beijing Medical University (current name: Peking University Health Science Center), China



Professional training and experience:

2012.8-Pres: Principle investigator, High Magnetic Field Laboratory,

Chinese Academy of Sciences, Hefei, People’s Republic of China

2008.3-2012.7: Postdoctoral training in Ulrike Eggert lab in Dana Farber Cancer Institute,

Cancer Biology Department and Harvard Medical School, Biological Chemistry and Molecular Pharmacology Department.

2007.4-2008.2: Postdoc in PhD thesis lab (Claire Walczak lab).

2001.9-2007.4 : Ph.D Graduate student, Biology Department, Indiana University, thesis advisor:? Claire Walczak

2001-2002: rotations in genetics, developmental biology and biochemistry lab.

2002. Worked on viral RNA synthesis in Dr. Cheng Kao’s lab

2002-2007: Worked on PhD thesis project: phospho-regulation of MCAK by Aurora kinases in Dr. Claire Walczak Lab.

1996-2001: Beijing Medical University (current name: Peking University Health Science Center).


2011-2012: Teaching Fellow. Optical Imaging in Modern Biomedical Research: Principles and Techniques, Harvard Extension School

2003-2004: Associate Instructor. Medical microbiology lab, Indiana University.

2003-pres: American Society for Cell Biology (ASCB)

2004-2006: American Heart Association Predoctoral Fellowship

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