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Dr. Xin Zhang, the group leader, graduated in 2001 from Beijing University Health Science Center with a Bachelor of Medicine degree. She obtained her PhD degree in 2007 studying mitosis and its regulation by mitotic kinesins and Aurora kinases at Indiana University, Bloomington, under the direction of Prof. Claire Walczak. In 2008, she started postdoctoral research in Ulrike Eggert’s lab at Harvard Medical School and Dana-Farber Cancer Institute in the area of chemical biology, biochemistry and cell biology. In 2012, she moved back to China as a principal investigator at the Chinese Academy of Sciences, High Magnetic Field Laboratory, Hefei. The lab is mainly interested in cellular responses, molecular mechanisms and potential biomedical applications of moderate to high static magnetic fields, as well as low frequency magnetic fields. The lab is also interested in the interplay between membrane trafficking and cell division.   


张欣,中国科学院强磁场科学中心研究员,博士生导师。2001年毕业于北京大学医学部,获得学士学位;2007年毕业于美国印第安纳大学 Bloomington分校,获得博士学位。2008-2012年在哈佛医学院/Dana-Farber癌症研究所做博士后。2012年回国加入中国科学院强磁场科学中心,成立强磁生物学课题组,2014年入选中国科学院百人计划,参与中国科学院科技创新与交叉合作团队。任课题组长以来,以通讯作者身份在 eLife和Nano Research等杂志发表论文30余篇。受邀主编磁场与生命科学交叉领域中英文专著共三部(Springer 2017;科学出版社2018a,b),主编“强磁场与生命健康”香山会议专辑,组织“第八届国际磁科学会议”等。张欣课题组依托强磁场大科学装置率先建立起国际上首个≥20 T强磁场生物学研究平台,并开发了溶液扫描隧道显微镜技术的生物学应用;借助强磁场平台与技术揭示了磁场抑制肿瘤细胞分裂和增殖的重要分子机制,并开发了其在抗肿瘤和外科手术中的应用,合作“磁外科”项目获“中华医学科技奖一等奖”。

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